Themed Shows – 2017

Below is the current list of Shows and Themed Presentations for the 2017 Festival. Further announcements will be made pre Australia Day.

Please note: The National Folk Festival and its Director reserve the right to alter the program and the acts as circumstances deem necessary.

web_fiestaville Amulet

The Fiestaville Multicultural Choir, from Sydney’s south, presents “Amulet”—an interweaving of stories, songs and portraits. The choir will perform songs in many languages. The show is heart-warming, entertaining, and celebrates diversity and harmony.

Sun 4:40pm & Mon 11:50am – Trocadero

web_soon Bush Traditions Concert

This is a kind of soiree—one that is both a gathering and a concert. Hear some yarns, some songs and music in a relaxed community setting.

Sat Lyric

Web_southerncrosstrawlers Cabbage Tree Hat in History, Song and Practice, The – Southern Cross Trawlers

The Cabbage Tree Hat was the traditional headwear in Colonial times. Its history in song, slides and spoken word is explored in this presentation. See Community Arts listing to learn the art of weaving to make your own Cabbage Tree Hat.

Fri 1:10pm Trocadero

web_menmemates Drongo’s Guide to Speaking Australian, A – Me ‘N’ Me Mates

This cabaret style entertainment focuses on the humour of Australia’s colloquial language. It’s a contemporary look at the distinctive way Australians speak.

Sat 5:00pm Carnival

Web_dingobreakfast Drowning in Lunatic Soup – Dingo’s Breakfast

Uncle Jimbo’s ‘History of (White) Australia’ [Pt 3] looks at the Versaille Treaty, the Depression, WWII, the invasions of Earl’s Court and Vietnam, the greedy 90s, ’til 1999 when Uncle Jimbo was killed by a falling shark.

Fri 10:00am Trocadero

web_cjbower Downfall of the Main Character – CJ Bowerbird

This spoken word show explores what makes a good man. Through poetry and a 9-person backing choir CJ questions his masculine identity.

Mon 2:30pm Trocadero

web_fredsmith Dust of Uruzgan – Book Launch

Fred has written a book! Its called The Dust of Uruzgan. Revealing the back stories behind the songs from the acclaimed album of the same name, Fred weaves memoir, history, and eyewitness reportage in to a ripping yarn that explains what was going on over there in the dust of Uruzgan.

Sat 10:00am Trocadero

FestivalFolk Festival Folk sing Dark Side of the Moon

‘Festival folk sing…’ are 12 very fine singers and musicians celebrating the songwriters that strongly influence Australian folk and acoustic music, this time presenting a folkesque rendition of Pink Floyd’s entire ‘Dark Side of the Moon’.

Sat 5:10pm Trocadero

emulanded Emu Has Landed, The – National Library Presentation

Genni and John Kane, ex Flying Emus, have diverse musical lives apart from the Emus. Their recordings range from children’s songs to instrumental solo albums. Joined by Genni’s husband, Jon Wilby, we will explore their musical lives. They are the National Library of Australia’s guests for 2017.

Sparrow Late Night Nesting – Sparrow-Folk

Sparrow-Folk welcome Festival favourites to share their nest in a late night talk show event. Expect music, improvised games and interviews with a strong dose of humour and fun.

Sun 10:40pm Majestic

Christina Leonard Cohen Tribute – Christina Mimmocchi & Friends

Come and join a host of performers pay tribute to beloved songwriter Leonard Cohen who left this mortal Tower of Song late last year.  Sing along with your favourites and enjoy some songs and poems you might have missed.

Sat 6:30pm Bohemia Bar

Jessie Lloyd Crop Mission Songs Project – National Folk Fellowship Presentation

Curated by Jessie Lloyd, the Mission Songs Project is an initiative to revive and perform a rare collection of early Australian Indigenous contemporary songs that were performed between 1900–1999. Jessie Lloyd is the 2017 National Folk Fellow.

Sat 11:20am Trocadero

Monster meeting Monster Meeting, The – Jan ‘Yarn’ Wositzky

Eureka began with a ‘Monster Meeting’ of 15,000 diggers at Castlemaine who set a path to democracy. Jan ‘Yarn’ Wositzky sings and tells the tale.

Fri 11:20am Trocadero

mawsonhut Music of Mawson’s Men, The – NLA presentation

Vaudeville, phonograph records, songs from the Australasian Students Songbook, ragtime, hymns, mouth organs, pedal organ and an autoharp feature in this NLA presentation. This was the music of Mawson’s Men during the 1911 Antarctic expedition. Graham Seal, Rob Willis and friends take you to the Antarctic and the Music of Mawson.
Photo: Mawson’s Replica Hut Museum, Hobart.

web_andygordon New Albion – Andy Gordon, Syd Green and John Kane

This song cycle explores the first contact between the Kameygal, Cammeraigal and the Gadigal people and the Europeans of the first fleet.

Mon 10:00am Trocadero

web_soon Potpourri of Poetry – Selected Poets

Poetry in all its forms is alive and well and continues to evolve over time. Come and listen to poets of different styles.

Sun 7:00pm Carnival

Web_dannys Remembering Danny – A Special Tribute

In early March, Danny Spooner, one of the most cherished members of our folk family passed away. An outstanding champion of folk music and a key figure in the folk movement we will honour Danny’s memory at a very special concert.

Sat 12:30pm Budawang.

Web_chloejason Roar of the Crowd, The (Australia’s Hidden Republic) – Chloe & Jason Roweth

Chloe & Jason explore the traditions of rebellious Australia, with an eye for how the old has informed the new. These songs of solidarity – defiant, humorous – resonate through the generations.

Sun 11:20am Trocadero

web_zulya Russian Evolution – Zulya and the Children of the Underground

Zulya looks back at the last century of Russian song—from folk to Gypsy ballads, from pre-revolutionary cabaret to Soviet pop.

Sat 2:00pm Trocadero

Genise and nicholas Singing Country – Genise and Nicholas Williams

Genise and Nicholas sing songs and share stories about their life in Hermannsburg, NT and the long history of singing in their community. They will b accompanied by their father, celebrated Country Music singer Warren H Williams.

Fri 5:40pm & Sun 7:10pm Spiegel

Web_jared Songs Like Blood – Jared & Tilly Thomas

Jared talks about the importance of Aboriginal protest music and writing about social issues. This is supported with music by Tilly Thomas.

Sat 5:10pm Spiegel

Web_janyarn Storyteller’s Guide to The Territory, A – Jan ‘Yarn’ Wositzky

Jan ‘Yarn’ Wositzky has a land full of stories and songs from the Northern Territory: outrageous, mirthful, poignant, true and deadly serious.

Sun 1:10pm Trocadero

Geoffrey2 Three Bards & Me – Geoffrey W Graham

Three Bards & Me is a fascinating look at Banjo, Henry and CJ Dennis. How do they stack up on subjects like romance, war and bushrangers?

Fri & Sun 5:00pm Carnival

Web_dingobreakfast Uncle Jimbo’s Island Bar Lectures – Dingo’s Breakfast

Uncle Jimbo’s Island Bar Lectures include: Any Pub Island Bar, Mad Lectures on City Cockies, Dogs, Sunday Drives, Estate Agents, Gambling, Yuppies, Rites of Passage and the Death of his Dad.

Mon 1:10pm Trocadero

web_bridgeproject Unification Through Diversity

The NFF brings together the musical traditions of a Muslim Turk, an Israeli Jew and a Maltese/Australian Christian for a global first.

Fri 3:50pm Trocadero

Geoffrey1 Voices of War: An ANZAC Story – Geoffrey W Graham

Geoffrey presents snapshots of characters from WWI—including Darcy the soldier and Bessie the nurse. The presentation is a combination of verse, comedy and song covering themes from Gallipoli to Beersheba.

Sat 12:40pm Trocadero

web_menmemates Yarns That We Were Told, The – Me ‘N’ Me Mates

The Yarns That We Were Told covers bush poetry from Lawson, Paterson and Dennis in the tradition of songs and tall tales by bush balladeers in both sung and spoken word forms.

Sun 10:00am Trocadero

Please note: The National Folk Festival and its Director reserve the right to alter the program and the acts as circumstances deem necessary.