Street I Circus – 2017

Please note: The National Folk Festival and its Director reserve the right to alter the program and the acts as circumstances deem necessary.

web_soon Albion Fair

Albion Fair dance the traditional Northwest style of Morris from the Lancashire Mills. With their clattering English clogs and colourful garlands, they truly kick up a storm!

web_ausmorrisring Australian Morris Ring

Morris dancing is England’s traditional folk dance, performed by a team of dancers wearing bells, and using handkerchiefs, sticks or garlands. It includes Cotswold Morris from Oxfordshire, Border Morris from the English–Welsh border and Northwest from Lancashire.

web_exaudi Exaudi Youth Choir

Exaudi Youth Choir is a group of 50 experienced young singers from Melbourne. They love to explore the best choral music from folk traditions around the world, and will sing anywhere, any time. Led by Mark O’Leary, they sing with passion, energy and joy.

web_gentlemensqueak Gentleman Squeak & Friends

Balloon art for both children and adults. We take requests and are always up for a challenge, the weirder the better! This way of working has seen us make everything from “a teddy bear in a space ship” to “a snake on a snow pea” entirely out of balloons!

web_circus Highwire Events and Entertainment

The dynamic circus production team from Highwire Events & Entertainment are back, with the shows you’ve loved from previous years, with all new acts and all new mayhem! With The Not for Kids Kids Show, Circus Hokum, Circus Deathmatch, and the Circus Deathmatch Training Ground.

web_soon Ngati Morris (NZL)

Ngati Morris, New Zealand’s travelling Morris side, is returning to the National. With their distinctive black and silver baldrics, they bring their unique interpretation to the Morris traditions.

web_northernrivers Northern Rivers Folk Choir

The Northern Rivers Folk Choir is an accomplished, heart-centred, a cappella choir singing Indigenous songs from around the world, including Gurrumul, Joey Gaia, Maori, Solid Rock, My Island Home and Ruby Hunter. They’ve toured NZ and NSW.

Pop Up Choir_Sm Pop Up Choir

The Pop Up Choir, under the musical direction of Rachel Hore, sings in public spaces, changing the nature of vacant space through sound and song. You might find us popping up in tunnels, markets, foyers, street corners and parks, anywhere where there is a space that can be warmed by the human voice.

web_soon Wild Morris

Wild Morris is Australia’s “Travelling Morris”. Dancers come together from different sides and different traditions to tour Australia and the world. Expect anything: traditional and modern Morris dances; sword dances and mumming!

Web_will Will-o’-the-Wisp

Will-o’-the-Wisp are returning to Canberra with a troupe of highly skilled stilt acrobats. Allow our clockwork stilt characters to take you back in time on a journey of cogs and steam powered entertainment. Duet dances, tricks, high kicks and delicate movement all performed on stilts.

Please note: The National Folk Festival and its Director reserve the right to alter the program and the acts as circumstances deem necessary.