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Paul Summerfield fresh from a trip to the National Gallery of Australia to colour in his new drawing sheet for kids!

Paul Summerfield is an ACT artist. His digital artworks have been seen all over Canberra in many forms over the years featuring on cars, in hospitals, solo exhibitions, album and book covers, posters, limited edition prints, coffee mugs, stickers and zines.

Working with the National Folk Festival, Paul Summerfield has created an artwork for us which encapsulates the spirit and ethos of the Festival.

We are really looking forward to working with Paul over the next few years as he creates unique artwork for our annual posters and merchandise.

Visit Paul’s website and take a journey through the fantastical.



Following the 2016 50th National Folk Festival there was a call-out via our e-News bulletin to find an artist who could be engaged to create a series of poster images for the festival over a four year cycle. Paul was chosen as the artist who could meet this challenge.

The 2017 Poster

Each year, to celebrate the earlier National Folk Festivals that were held each year in a different state or territory, the Festival has a tradition of having a featured state as a component of its program. From 2017 states and territories will be paired to create a four year cycle. The brief for Paul was not only to create an artwork for the poster that reflected the spirit and ethos of the Festival but one which would encapsulate our positioning statement 5 days in a perfect world  and also acknowledge South Australia and the Northern Territory that will be both be featured in 2017.

Paul’s artwork incorporates many elements of our event and our festival community. There is much to discover as you look into the work from the central image that draws you in to the explosion of colour and celebration, to our perfect world entwined with the floral emblems of our featured states, to the depiction of night and day.

Here are four of our favourite grabs from the 2017 #ourNFF Poster

kitesm  desertrosesm  circussm  foodsm



Paul’s artwork will also feature on our Festival merchandise including our collectable ceramic mugs. As part of our series of mugs we have asked Paul to design a special limited edition featured state mug for each of the next four years showing the floral emblems of the 2 featured state/s and/or territory for the current year. 2017 will feature South Australia and the Northern Territoy (shown left). We have also commissioned him to design a new set of mugs for each of our entertainment zone bars. The first one to be issued will be the Session Bar in 2017.

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View the complete 2017 National Folk Festival Poster below.