The following information is provided to assist dance display groups, dance bands, dance callers and teachers (workshop presenters) in completing the online performer EOI. Please READ ALL information carefully before starting your application.

IMPORTANT: Apply in this category for ALL dance related activities including dance bands, display groups, workshop presenters/ teachers and callers unless you are applying as a street dance performer. Street dance groups eg. street Morris should submit their application under the ‘Street’ category.
NB: Performers offering general, spoken word, children’s events, circus and theatre including puppetry, participatory activities and/or structured sessions or street activities should apply under the relevant category. Refer here for appropriate information.

The National Folk Festival is committed to delivering an artistic program that showcases dance as a vibrant and inclusive element of a diverse ‘folk’ culture. The Festival seeks to offer both spectator and participatory activities with particular attention given to ensuring accessibility for all levels of dance from beginner to advanced with a view to attracting new audiences, especially the young. The dance stream at the NFF will be programmed across two venues.

1. The Coorong – Large indoor dance venue.

2. The Piazza – Covered open venue with outdoor seating. All dance displays take place on the Piazza

Styles of Dance The Festival’s Artistic Program will endeavour to showcase dance styles from a wide range of cultures as well as ensuring content that celebrates Australian and related dance styles in both contemporary and traditional contexts.

What Can You Offer

As a rough guide these may range from events such as the Festival / Heritage Ball (4 hrs), Irish Ceili, Scottish Ceilidh and Contra Dance (2-3 hrs) to shorter dances (1-2 hrs) held both during the day and in the evening such as Tea Dances, Tango, Salsa, Bollywood, Cajun and Zydeco Dances. Styles and types listed are just suggestions based on what has been offered at previous festivals. You are only limited by your imagination within the broader definition of “folk”. We are particularly interested in dances that are inclusive of all ages and all levels of dance, from beginner to advanced. Apply in the Dance/Dance Band section of this category.

Dance Bands This covers both specialist dance bands (Scandinavian, Contra, Tango etc) to bands that play for free form dancing or late night rages. Apply in the Dance/Dance Band section of this category ensuring you put the type of dance eg. Heritage Ball, Scottish Ceilidh in the title section. If you need to include further information or explanations please put it in the notes section at the bottom of page 4 of the application.

Dance Teachers (Workshops) 
Workshops are programmed from 30-90 mins duration depending on what is offered. In the beginner stream most are 30 mins being more of a taster offering basic skills. Once again, we are looking for workshops that cover a good spread of skill levels, from total beginners to advanced dancers with broad age accessibility. Apply in the Dance Workshop section of this category.

Dance Callers Dance callers are often part of, or aligned with, a particular dance band. However, if not you are still very welcome to offer your expertise as a dance caller. Apply in the Dance/Dance Band section of this category.

Dance Display
s All Dance Displays are 30 minutes in duration unless otherwise negotiated with the Festival Director and it is expected that groups will appear 3-4 times over the Easter weekend. This time period includes set-up and pack-down and it is recommended that if you are using live music you restrict the number of musicians to ensure the best use of performance time. We are interested in dance display groups that reflect the diversity of cultures that make up Australian society. Apply in the Dance Display section of this category.

NB: Morris Sides and other dance groups applying to be part of the street program should apply under the Street category. 

Number of Performers in Dance Acts: 
Dance Display Groups may be allocated up to 16 performer passes* (20 if including musicians). 
Dance Bands should carefully consider the number of musicians prior to applying. A reasonable expectation would be up to 8* musicians.
Morris Sides may be allocated up to 12 performer passes per team* including musicians. 

Groups that need to include numbers in excess of this MUST negotiate with the Festival Director prior to submitting their application. Failure to do so may jeopardise your application.

AVAILABILITY: All acts are booked on the basis that they are available for shows over the entire festival weekend to fit in with our programming schedule.  If you are not available for the entire festival you MUST notify the Artistic Team when you submit your application.

ARTIST NAMES: Please include ALL performer names in your act when completing your application. It is NOT acceptable to just give a number of performers. Doing this may severely jeopardise your application. The festival realises that in some cases you may need to make name changes closer to the event as circumstances deem necessary. This can be done only with the prior approval of the Festival Director. Any names not included in the application will not be eligible for the Earlybird 1 ticket offer if unsuccessful.

SUPPORT MATERIAL: For the selection process the NFF prefers electronic support material. Please provide links to any relevant websites including Youtube. Live performance clips are the best way for us to determine what you do and how you sound. If you do not provide support material you will severely jeopardise your application.

PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURANCE: To perform at the National Folk Festival it is a requirement that Artists and Presenters MUST provide proof of current Public Liability Insurance (PLI) for ALL members of the act at the time of contracting.

PAYMENT: As a general rule the Festival does not offer payment to community and / or dance display groups. You are however, welcome to discuss this with the Festival Director. Any quoted fee should cover your act for the entire festival and be realistic, moderate and reasonable. DO NOT include GST when quoting your fee. Please keep in mind that the National Folk Festival is a not-for-profit, community based arts organisation run by volunteers and a small staff.

ACCOMMODATION The NFF provides on site camping facilities for its performers. If you do not wish to camp you may choose to organise your own accommodation. The Festival is unable to provide booked accommodation (motel or tent town) for large ensembles, dance or community groups.

When entering your Act Name please ensure this is NOT a description of what you are offering (eg. “Tango Dance” is a description, “Tango Hot Club”  is an Act Name. If you don’t have an Act Name use your own. You will then be asked to give your Act Type. Please select one of the Dance categories and then, under Musical Style, choose the one that best describes your act. If nothing applies to your Act, select ‘Other’ and then give a one word description in the box provided.