Stall Preference Maps

The Entertainment Zone has been split into three areas for your preferences:

CENTRAL PARK ZONE – three bars and four venues

FORECOURTS ZONE – one bar and four venues including our largest

MAGPIE PARK ZONE – one bar, four venues and the main entry gate

Quick tips for choosing your site preferences:

  • The sites on each map are numbered and there is a table showing the size and power available for each site.
  • The depth of each site shown is the maximum stall depth available – you will not be charged the maximum size, only for what you use. e.g. a 3x3m stall can select a 3x9m site, and will pay for a 3x3m size site.
  • If you would like a 6m wide site, select two 3m wide sites beside each other.
  • Some sites are designated specifically for food, coffee or merchandise.
  • Designated Food sites can also be selected by Drinks or Snacks stallholders.
  • Designated Merchandise sites can also be selected by Packaged Food, Body Services and Community stallholders.
  • Stalls marked with an asterisk* have been identified as premium sites. The application will ask you to nominate an additional amount you are willing to pay for this location.
  • Any questions, please email [email protected]

Download PDF Versions of each map to zoom in:

2018 Entertainment Zone Map

Central Park Map

Forecourt Map

Magpie Park Map

Entertainment Zone Map

2018 EZ copy

Central Park Preference Map

Central Park

Forecourt Preference Map

Forecourt Map

Magpie Park Preference Map

Magpie Park