Welcome to our EOI management system. PLEASE NOTE: There have been some changes to this process so ensure you READ ALL the relevant information before starting your application. 


Expressions of Interest will open at 9am Thursday 1 June 2017 and must be submitted by 5pm Thursday 13 July 2017.
Successful applicants will be notified by email no later than the first week of November. Once your booking is confirmed you MUST sign and return your Contract by the due date otherwise the offer will lapse.

HOW OFTEN SHOULD YOU APPLY:  The National Folk Festival aims to be a culturally relevant, creative and diverse event celebrating the folk arts in all their forms. Please keep in mind that each year we receive an overwhelming number of EOIs from acts offering performances, workshops and presentations in a wide range of styles and genres, far more than there are stages or performance slots to accommodate. While our aim is to keep the Festival fresh and vibrant, if your act has something new to offer, or meets a popular need at a reasonable cost you should consider submitting an EOI even if you performed in the previous year. As a rough guide, applications are assessed on the following criteria:

1. Our overall budget and the cost of bringing each act to the festival including accommodation requests;
2. The number of venues and concert/workshop slots available;
3. What each act is able to offer the program to achieve a balance and variety of styles & genres;
4. Commitment to ensure a percentage of new acts/performers and material each year, and to nurture new talent;
5. Commitment to ensuring NFF is grounded in the core elements of a diverse Australian folk culture.

AVAILABILITY: The National Folk Festival officially starts at 6pm on the Thursday before Good Friday and runs until 11.50pm the following Easter Monday. ALL acts selected are programmed 3-5 times over the weekend and are booked on the expectation that they will be available for the entire Festival. If you are not available for the entire Festival you MUST notify us when you submit your application. Please note for ease of programming preference may be given to acts that are available for the entire time.

INTERNATIONAL ACTS: ALL International acts should engage an Australian Agent to arrange immigration, visa, and tax requirements. The Festival is NOT able to provide this service and will only deal with an Australian Agent. International acts MUST cover their own Heath Insurance and Public Liability Insurance.

PUBLIC LIABILITY: To perform at the National Folk Festival it is a requirement that Artists and Presenters MUST provide proof of current Public Liability Insurance (PLI) for ALL members of the act at the time of contracting. To assist you with finding suitable PLI cover the following are most commonly used by performers attending the Festival:
Folk Alliance Australia
Duck For Cover

RIDERS: The Festival DOES NOT provide Hospitality Riders.

ACCOMMODATION: The NFF expects performers to bring their own camping gear and camp free of charge in the on-site, dedicated performer camping area. If you do not wish to camp you may choose to organise your own accommodation at your cost. If you are traveling from interstate and can’t bring much gear with you, hiring a tent-city tent is an excellent option. Cost available on application. International Acts or those travelling long distances may request booked accommodation in the form of Tent City (on site two and four person tents with stretchers and mattresses only supplied) or Motel (very limited shared room only, off site) accommodation. Booked accommodation is an extra cost to the Festival and a request is NOT a guarantee that the Festival will be able to provide this. Please keep in mind that the cost of providing tent city / motel accommodation will be taken into consideration along with your performance fee.
NB: Motel accommodation is only provided by the Festival from Thursday – Monday (4 nights only). Extra nights will be at your cost. ALL accommodation provided by the Festival is SHARED accommodation with embers of the act.
The Festival is unable to provide any form of booked accommodation (motel or tent city) for members of large ensembles, session musicians or community groups.  Accommodation for ALL accompanying family members will be at your cost.

TICKETS: The Festival issues tickets to Artists and Presenters only. With over 1200 Artists and Presenters, it is not possible to issue complimentary tickets to spouses, partners, children, band managers or entourage. The festival provides venue and stage managers, MCs, PAs, lighting equipment, sound engineers and operators.
DO NOT pre-purchase your Festival Tickets before you have received notification regarding the status of your application.  If your application is unsuccessful, all members of your act listed in the original application will be eligible to purchase Earlybird 1 tickets.  At this time immediate family members only (spouse, partner, dependent children 18 yrs and under) will also be eligible to purchase tickets at the Earlybird 1 rate for a limited time. Please ensure ALL members of your act are aware of this.
NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN FOR TICKETS PURCHASED PRIOR TO RECEIVING NOTIFICATION OF YOUR APPLICATION STATUS – if members of your act purchase tickets prior to being notified, selling or gifting them on to friends or relatives will be the best option. It is the responsibility of the act contact person to ensure ALL at members are aware of this.
Family Tickets – Special Rate – If your act is successful members listed in your application will be eligible to purchase tickets (limited time only) for their immediate family only (spouse, partner, dependent children 18 yrs and under) at a discounted rate. NB: Extended family members are NOT eligible for this offer.

COMPLETING YOUR APPLICATION: When completing your application you must enter information in ALL boxes marked with an * indicating a required field. Failure to do this will void your application. You may start an application and come back to it at a later time. Our automated system will send a number to your email address so that you can re-enter the site to finish your application. Receiving an application number is NOT an indication that the process is complete. On receipt of your completed application the Festival  will send you a confirmation email.

IMPORTANT: There are seven program categories:
1. General Program (Concert, Themed Presentation, Workshop)
2. Dance (Dance/Dance Band, Dance Workshop, Dance Display)
3. Spoken Word (Poetry, Comedy, Storytelling, Workshop, Panel Discussion, Book Launch)
4. Circus/Theatre (Cabaret, Show, Puppetry, Workshop)
5. KidzFest (Concert, Activity, Workshop, Storytelling)
6. Participation/Session Trail (Instrumental, Vocal, Mixed, Festival Ensemble)
7. Street (Choir, Dance, Circus, Roving-includes musicians)

Acts may select more than one category ie. If you wish to provide concert performances but also want to offer something in another category e.g. KidzFest or Dance then you should also select that category when completing your application. Please DO NOT INCLUDE Dance, Spoken Word, Circus, KidzFest, Participation/Session and Street activities under General Program. You MUST select the correct category and read ALL the information on the relevant link page below for each category you wish to select before commencing your application. Street performers please note: due to the size of our site, the numbers of people moving through it and the positioning of programmed venues it is no longer possible to accommodate instrumental groups of more than between 10 – 12 musicians.



For successful Performers: