The following information is provided to assist you in completing the online performer EOI. Please READ ALL information carefully before starting your application.

IMPORTANT: Activities in which people can participate and / or learn are an important part of the National Folk Festival’s Program.  Apply in this category if you are wanting to present an activity in which people can participate eg. Leading a Festival Ensemble such as Choir, Fiddle Rally etc, run a teaching session or lead a participatory session (singing, instrumental or mixed)
NB: Performers offering general, dance, spoken word, children’s events, circus and theatre including puppetry or street activities should apply under the relevant category. Refer here for appropriate information.

Festival Ensembles: These include such things as Festival Choir, Bush Orchestra, Percussion Experience etc. The Festival is always interested in hearing about new and exciting ways of getting people involved depending on the space available for rehearsal time.

Programmed Sessions: Sessions, be they tunes, songs or a mix of both are synonymous with the National. Mostly these just pop up amongst friends and can happen at any time of the day or night. The National’s programmed sessions are a way of making sessions more accessible to all our patrons.These sessions will form part of the Festival’s programmed activites and can be aimed at beginners through to more experienced musicians.

Expectations: It is expected that all applicants will be experienced in their genre, will apply in no more than groups of up to four participants (depending on the activity) and be capable of leading tunes or songs in their genre and of being inclusive of all comers. Sessions can be of 1-2 hours duration and may be programmed over multiple days to give the widest exposure. Festival ensembles usually rehearse for 1 hour per day and have a final performance included in the program.

Community Organisations and Participatory Activities: Community groups wishing to present participatory activities be they music, dance or other are welcome to apply. Community groups should limit themselves to no more than 10-12 instructors.

AVAILABILITY: All performers are booked on the basis that they are available for the entire festival weekend to fit in with our programming schedule.  If you are not available for the entire festival you MUST notify the Artistic Team when you submit your application.

ARTIST NAMES: Please include ALL performer names in your act when completing your application. It is NOT acceptable to just give a number of performers. Doing this may severely jeopardise your application. The festival realises that in some cases you may need to make name changes closer to the event as circumstances deem necessary. This can be done only with the prior approval of the Festival Director. Any names not included in the application will not be eligible for the Earlybird 1 ticket offer if unsuccessful.

ACCOMMODATION: The NFF expects performers to make use of the on site camping facilities available in the dedicated performer camping area. If you do not wish to camp you may choose to organise your own accommodation at your cost.

SUPPORT MATERIALS: For the selection process the NFF prefers electronic support material. Please provide links to any relevant websites including Youtube. Live performance clips are the best way for us to determine what you do and how you sound. We DO NOT require CDs in this first stage. (If you are selected we may request a CD to be sent). If you do not provide support material you will severely jeopardise your application.

PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURANCE: To perform at the National Folk Festival it is a requirement that Artists and Presenters MUST provide proof of current Public Liability Insurance (PLI) for ALL members of the act at the time of contracting.

PAYMENT: As a general rule the Festival does not offer payment to community groups and / or session providers. You are however, welcome to discuss this with the Festival Director. Any quoted fee for other services should cover the entire festival and be realistic, moderate and reasonable. DO NOT include GST when quoting a fee. Please keep in mind that the National Folk Festival is a not-for-profit, community based arts organisation run by volunteers and a small staff.

COMPLETING YOUR APPLICATION: When entering your Act Name please ensure this is NOT a description of what you are offering eg. “Irish Session” is a description, “Paddy Mack”  is an Act Name. If you don’t have an Act Name just use your own. You will then be asked to give your Act Type. Please select the one that best describes what you are offering. If nothing applies to your Act, select ‘Other’ and then give a one word description in the box provided.